Tuesday, September 7, 2010

sewing challenge day 1 to 5

Day 1
Okay so I'm off to a good start, I didn't think I was going to sew anything today with all the homework the boys have to turn in Thursday and buying a new vacuum, but I finish the sewing machine cover I had started a while back.
I need to tell you about our vacuum dilemma, it died a couple of weeks ago and we started shopping for a new one yesterday. The boys really wanted a Dyson, which are extremely expensive. I do have to say they look nice, but $500 dollars...I couldn't do it. So we ended up getting a Hoover which has a lot of the same features as the Dyson but several hundred dollars less. The boys love it and they have been cleaning the house. They got the carpet done including the corners and the ceiling!!!! I had to make them stop. Rem's chore from now on will be to keep the carpets clean, pretty hard thing to do with Fred in the house. Ram's will be to keep the floor in the kitchen clean. Roger and I will have the rest of the house...


Back to the subject, I use the left over blue duck canvas I had used for the stroller bag I had made for my sister's baby shower for the outside of the cover. I may had some applique to it later but I'm not sure I don't want to make it bulky. When I iron I want to have it smooth. On the inside I used the fabric I had saved from my old ironing board cover, it's that metallic heat fabric. My sewing machine sits on the kitchen table (right now) and the sun hits it I was afraid it would yellow. So now I have a simple cover that doubles as a traveling iron mat! It came out a little shorter than I wanted but that's because one side of the iron cover was worn and the other side tapered.

sewing machine cover

sewing machine cover

Day 2
Book marker! Okay the day was almost over and I couldn't think of what to sew (in about an hour or so) so I made Rem a book marker. He had mentioned he needed one and I got to use my Japanese fabric I ordered a while back! The back is Anna Maria Horner scraps I had.
I used my new iron mat, didn't feel like taking the big iron board out for a little thing and it works great!!!!


Day 3
Sick today...I didn't sew today and kind of messed up my challenge, but no one is perfect...hehe. This makes it one whole week of being sick. I slept after I got back from Taekwondo with the boys, I think I wore myself out at work today.

Day 4
I finished quilting my lake quilt and started on the binding! I did wavy lines going the length of it and waves on the border. It was freehand and it was kind of fun not perfect but it was good practice for me. The boys went shooting at Rog's sister's house which they have been wanting to do since the last time they were there...boys and their guns. Bren...Rem got to use the bullets you got him, he said he really didn't want to because they were special since he go them on his birthday, but we explained he could get more...hehe! I stayed home to rest with L but they had a blast they shot and caught chickens...no pictures. Rog didn't take any....

Odyssea Quilt

Day 5
Finished the binding on the quilt and went to a Roger's dad birthday, not sure how old he is??? There were no candles and we got there late. The quilt is made from the Odyssea cake layer pack and used some Amy Butler fabrics on the back and borders.

I also made a mat for Luna. She seems to enjoy sleeping on a baby comforter at my in-laws and I didn't want to tackle a quilt just to fold up and use as a mat. I've noticed she lays on Fred's bed so I made her a sleeping mat. I used a technique for making the ties from the Pink Penguin blog, that she used for the handle on her zipper bag. It was easier than trying to turn the fabric inside out! (I'm also going to try and make that wristlet as soon as I get a chance). The print fabric on the mat tore as I was turning it inside out, made the whole to small for such a bulky item out but I think the next time I make one I will use a different approach, stuffing it with batting after I sew the pieced together. I used zig zag to keep it from tearing and I don't think it looks bad since it was a small tear.

nap mat

Okay I think my challenge was to sew everyday not finish a project a day, but I seem to be inspired to complete things...hehe!

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