Monday, July 21, 2014

journey of a birthday quilt

 One of my friends suggested I photograph the process to document the work I do. This is probably the only time I did take pictures, thanks to my here you go, from finished to beginning. Journey of a birthday quilt!

my photo assistant!

me quilting, L took this one, she was so excited about taking pictures

sketched drawing next to sewing machine, it helps when I have to change directions

basted, rolled up, and ready for quilting, my son Ram took this one of me

this is the final layout, although I did go back and rip things and re-cut

work in progress

before I added the pictures, this was the first layout. takes all my living room and block one passage to the kitchen...It was fun to create something special!

Since this post was sitting in as a draft for a bit, the birthday boy has gotten his quilt and i'm told he loves it. YEA!!!



  1. Replies
    1. thanks, the birthday boy really like it. Makes you feel good when you know something you made is appreciated :).

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