Wednesday, May 28, 2014

yarn along

I've cast on a couple of projects I plan to gift in the next couple of weeks...yikes! Too much pressure?!?! I can do this...haha! A Brier Beanie and Wurm hat, can't divulge too much right now.
I paused on my Perkins Cove, if you look at the top of the picture all those elongated stitches...wrong...So I ripped them out and stopped because if I keep going I tend to make more mistakes so I will go back to it in a couple of days.

Missing Lily, this book caught my interest while I was reading a fellow yarn along's blog. So far it's been fun to read, the author's bio describes it as a clean romance. 

Linked with Ginny of Small Things.


  1. oooh grey and red! I'm knitting my mum a striped jumper in these colours - they look lovely together, don't they. Hope you get your knitting done in time!

    1. thanks, it's hard to knit while being sneaky...haha!

  2. I'm enjoying seeing what all the Yarn Alongers have on their needles this week. Immediately I gave myself permission not to knit I found myself itching to cast on a whole bunch of things without being exactly sure what. And as I sprained my ankle earlier today I think I'm going to have more opportunity than I normally do for knitting :)

    1. I'm sorry you sprained your ankle, hope you get to feeling better soon,