Monday, May 12, 2014


Image from SheReadsTruth

I'd like to share a site I found out about through this post. I have been thinking about joining some kind of bible study but working full time and kids at home I find it hard to join a group. I also wanted to involve the kids, we tried reading the bible {using kids bibles which help to explain somethings} but I can't answer a lot of their questions.

I started following the online women's group SheReadsTruth, with their last plan "the risen Christ" and I am enjoyed it. They have short study plans which actually work for me, I don't feel overwhelmed and able to finish reading. I love getting the emails from them and find myself opening it several times during the day because I enjoy the pictures and reading the comments from everyone.

Tomorrow they are starting "Nehemiah". If you are interested in participating or just checking out.

The kids and I will be starting up a daily bible study guide in the evenings and we will be following along with the group. I think they will enjoy it as well.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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