Monday, September 9, 2013

 This weekend was sort of productive, we got the kids schedule sorted out. Since this was the first week we "implemented" it, such as chores, time management [especially the older ones], extra curricular activities and outdoor time. Unfortunately I didn't get any time to myself. I did manage to doodle on myself while we were visiting my mother-in-law, hehe!

Also, things are starting to break around the house, some things we have been able to, dryer and some things we are going to have to the floor steamer. My steamer broke a while back and the floors don't get as clean without it, so I'm shopping for a new one. 
I did purchase new fonts, Cantoni, pretty!!! Thanks to besotted blog I subscribe to. Now...learning about web fonts!?!?! Anyone have any information? It would be appreciated. Like I said not much time to myself lately, so it maybe a while before you see it.

Cantoni sample from
Have a great week!

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