Friday, November 9, 2012

captains and butterfly

Halloween almost came and went while I was blinking...haha! This was  L's first year to trick or treat and she had a lot of fun which makes all the trouble worth while when the kids have a great time.

Okay, so the spiders webs don't look that great, but we had strong winds a couple of weeks before Halloween and they got all messed up. I had to redo them they didn't look like they had at first.

Here are the boys right before they went trick or treating with the pumpkins they carved!
L getting ready to head out.

Here they are...Airline Captain (Ram), Butterfly (L) and Captain Nemo (Rem).

Just a note I did not make the butterfly costume my mother in law bought it and L has been wearing it quite a bit since she got it.

Next holiday...


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