Thursday, September 20, 2012

a little taste of India

I dragged everyone to the Utsay IndiaFest in Tulsa a couple of weekends ago. In September and October there are a lot of festivals around Tulsa and this year I was trying to get to most of them. How can a food lover like me pass this up!?!?! I had a great time and until the fashion show started the boys were doing okay. Everything is so bright and colorful it was fun to see. This is the first time I had Indian food and it was yummy. The kids got a camel ride and I got a henna tattoo!

The event was one day at the Expo Square Pavilion at Tulsa Fairgrounds, built in 1932 it is an example of the Art Deco style  that is a huge part of  Tulsa.


Having lunch. 

 This was a cold item and it was sweet and sour, it was good, but I was the only who ate it...haha!

This dish was warm and it was really yummy, kids liked the bread.

 My henna tattoo right after they finished it.

 Camel rides!

 They had displays for all the states in India and the religions, it was very interesting and all the people where very nice.

The fashion show, by this time the boys were done...haha!

 L got some pretty purple bracelets, her favorite color. She was funny she kept her hands up the whole time I guess she thought they would fall off ...hehe!

 Me and my bindi, fashion accessory, the kids did not like it so I left it on all day...hehe!


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