Friday, February 17, 2012

sorry no pictures

Sorry, this post has no pictures.

It has been a while since I last posted and that's because I have had little time once I get home from work...then all of a sudden it's bedtime...
Three days of the week
     5:30pm if I'm lucky I can get home at this time sometimes it's closer to 6pm     
     6:30pm all their after school activities right now are at the same time
     7:45pm we are done and home
     8:30pm dinner (if I cooked)
     9:00pm I have noticed I'm tired or cleaning up that we don't spend time together.

The other two days during the week that we do have are nice to just do nothing, but of course I have been trying to sneak in some sewing/knitting/crocheting in because honestly it relaxes me...haha!

Just to update the family, the boys have started a catechism class [during the week and is included in the above schedule]. They are going to start playing soccer next month on different teams because of their ages, not sure how bad that really will be for me. Different practices on different days or worse case, practise on same day but different locations!!! Yes, I did not think it through all I thought is the boys need to get out, run around and make some friends. I will definatley keep everyone posted on my dilemma.

Luna turned 3 yesterday!!! It seemed like a couple of days before she started her terrible two's maybe they should be terrible three's in her case. She was little-miss-busy-body and got into everything and didn't mind too well. It was actually really cute except for the additional messes I had to clean up. Some I'm not so proud to say I left...the Lincoln logs she just dumped and ran about 11pm, didn't even play with them. I looked at them, pushed them around together with my feet in a pile and left in the living room. I was tired. In my defense I did tell her to pick them up and she just did this kind of loud pitch sigh...then she ran off. And the next morning I did not step on any of them in the dark....haha!
To celebrate her day I took them to BassPro Shop and had Taco Bueno for dinner. Have you been to a Bass Pro Shop? It's like going to an amusement park for us...haha! They have a huge aquarium and a small pond inside, the toy section of course is fun, going up and down the stairs or riding the glass elevator, then we go to the shooting area (laser gun game). I love it, they have it at Disneyland too in Adventure Land. They used to have a Starbucks at ours and we would get a snack, but it's gone. The childrens apparell area has a tree cave kind of thing, the kids love to run in and out of. The resaturant has another beautiful aquarium and of course the hunting theme displays it's like visiting a musuem. Good times! haha!

So the little princess is having her birthday party Saturday of which I will post pictures.

I am thankful at this moment because currently my biggest problem is the boys soccer schedule, which is minor and I know some people have worse things going in their lifes and mine is not significant in the scheme of life because we it will work itself out, but I aware how lucky I am and I am thankful!!!

Valentines Day, I was hoping for a quite bubble bath. It didn't happen but I had a wonderful day after all. Rog was tired but he picked me up for lunch and took me to PF Changs because I love it and he sacrifices for me once a year...haha! It was good I got a romantic card and a beautiful red rose. Hope you all had a wonderful valentines. I did get him a card and let him sleep for the rest of the day until he went to work...yes I'm nice that way...hahaha!

I got a daily e-mail from the Martha Stewart website as part of the Whole Living Challenge of the Day and today's action plan is to practice a random act of kindnes to celebrate Happy National Random Acts of Kindness Day. First, who keeps track of all these celebrate something day??? I don't have a second thing...haha! But I will try and be kind without expecting anything in return.

I love you all, and you do not have to say it back,

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