Sunday, June 12, 2011

garden invadors

I was out shooting macro pictures while the kids played in the sprinkles, it's not quite unbearable hot, but it was pretty warm.
Dandelions have always intrigued me, they are so much fun to blow and they are so soft, but in my garden they create havoc...weeds!!! and they are so hard to get rid off. So here is this beautiful garden invader up close. A few minutes later Miss L got a hold of it and blew it everywhere as I hopelessly sat there and watch her from about 10 feet away...ugh! Well Rog has his work cut out for him...haha!
She got a hold of this one too...
Here are the water loving threesome.
New bathing suite for Miss L.

This is what I worked on, no bathing suite for me...haha!
I downloaded Photoshop Elements 9, the trial version [It maybe just my computer but it took almost 3 hours for me to download it, I do have tons of pictures that could be slowing down my pc]for the photo class I'm starting tomorrow and this picture has a little editing I still have not figured out the program. The dishcloth is also a project for the Cover to Cover group I'm in. Yellow is so sunny and summery!
Did you all have a good weekend?

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