Sunday, June 13, 2010

WIP birthday

This years garden is turning out great! I've been weeding (actually grassing, new word in my vocabulary, I have more grass than weeds coming through) about every other day to keep it clean. Everything I have planned to grow is not yet planted, but I will be adding it in the next couple of days. The tall plants are sunflowers and I hope the birds don't eat them all and we get to have some sunflower seeds to snack on. I'm happy to say all the tomato plants (about 14, I may get more!!!) have come up from seed from last year! (Walt from work said there is a word for this so as soon as he tells me I will glady be using it, often.) Since I don't recognize the varieties of tomatoes it may be either cherry, roma and/or beefeater tomatoes. I've got some herbs in front of the sunflowers. I need to take more detail pictures during the day. So far we have gathered one delicious looking jalapeno...hehe! Which of course I didn't take a picture of because I was too excited to remember.

We are also getting some interesting new bugs in our area. The boys found some caterpillars eating my hibiscus! We left them alone and maybe try to figure out what kind they are later. They also requested more plants that will attract poor me will be off at the nurseries in search of more plants! Yea!

I was trying to distract everyone with my garden, but in truth I am running behind on a birthday quilt. Ugh! It will not be ready until next week. I did not forget that today is my niece Cristal's 9th birthday!! Hope you are having a great day! Here's a preview of the fabric, Odessea fabric collection, it's a really pretty ocean theme and I think it will turn out pretty. It should be in the mail soon!!!

Happy Birthday Cristal!


  1. hey Estela is Bren- on select profile I don't know what to put i tryed google but it didn't go through.Ok is great that you started a garden I'm actully suprise you didn't do this much sooner. I told Luis how when we first moved to Pacific you started plannting. But that's great can't wait to see how much it's grown when we go visit you. I love gardening too I just don't have a garden of my own so I have a few pots with cilantro,tomatoes & radish growing my dad pulled a radish out and told me that one was ready but the other one still needed sometime. I plannted green bell peppers but they didn't grow,but I did plant it when it was cold, maybe I'll try again.

  2. Hey Bren, this is our third maybe fourth year I'll have to check with Roger. He will remember since he dug it up...hehe! It looks alot nicer this year and I have a variety of plants and flowers. I can't wait for you guys to see it in person and hopefully the flowers will be blooming! Be ready to dig and harvest.