Wednesday, February 10, 2010

little birds

Not much going on at the house these past few days the weather has kept us inside and the weather predictions have been -- a little off. The bad weather they have been predicting has thankfully not gotten as bad as they had said. We got snow the other day and it looked like a blizzard before noon by the time I left for home it didn't even look like it had snowed, nothing stuck and it all melted. Which is fine with me even though I love snow my fellow commuters try my patience, which is normal, but it gets worse when the weather changes to anything but dry sunshine... Enough said or else if you know me I will get all worked up! Anyways, I will be able to tell my kids that I walked a mile (probably 2 blocks, the rest is true), in the snow, up a hill, both ways to work...haha

Quick note on a completed project and the only pictures. I'm so proud of myself I made this laptop sleeve in just a couple of hours, literally probably 2 hours. I sometimes have to carry my laptop with me and the bags they sell are too bulky and blah looking. So I surfed the Internet and found this link, I added batting to make it more padded and a large flap instead of the small one. It turned out pretty good! Impressed myself...hehe! Little bird fabric I got the other day at this huge sale from my local fabric store.

For the rest of the week I am planning L's first birthday for next week. It will be pink! Yes I am giving in and going to do it all in pink. Any comments or ideas let me know I need all the help I can get. Fairies or Princesses? Hmmmm.

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