Monday, June 1, 2009


Today's post is a smorgasbord of things because this weekend we went to the Renaissance Faire and I forgot my camera! So no pictures of the boys enjoyed the jousting and of course anything that involved climbing.

However, I did crotchet...beanies! I found a youtube tutorial for beanie hats and flowers so I made three for Luna (Moon). I love them! They are a little big for her but that's okay they work. I'm planning on making washcloths with the remaining yarn. Rem (Raven) requested a camouflaged wash off to the store to buy yarn.

Here is a crown I made for Ram, the idea is from soulemama's blog but the design is Ram's. I let him make a template which I made shorter he wanted a tall hat. The back has the elastic that made it much easier to make. To his joy it stood up!!! Wonderful mom points!!!

I'm almost done with this nautical theme quilt, planning to make it our lake quilt.

My new cookbook...planning to try everything.

These are some birds that Ram drew with chalk I thought they were wonderful!

Surfing this weekend I discovered Christine Buckton Tillman, her work is incredible and inspirational. The flickr link has some of her other work including the ribbons below, love the colors!!

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